CHNEP 2022 Funding:

Request for Project Proposals

The Coastal & Heartland National Estuary Partnership (CHNEP) is a collaborative of citizens, elected officials, and resource managers working together to protect and restore water and wildlife habitat in Central and Southwest Florida since 1995. Currently, CHNEP has Fiscal Year 2022 funding available through a competitive proposal process for partner projects or initiatives that implement our Strategic Plan to protect and restore water and wildlife habitat throughout Central and Southwest Florida. Additionally, CHNEP is pursuing large grant funding sources and can seek grant funding for your project if we are made aware of the project details and it furthers the goal of the CHNEP.


To seek CHNEP funding for your project or phase of a project that can be independently procured and managed, or to make CHNEP aware of upcoming restorations or research initiatives where we can work to seek grant funding for your project-we request that you read the instructions below and complete the simple process to submit the summary, narrative, timeline, and budget table linked on this page. Currently, CHNEP has $81,000 on hand and is actively seeking additional funding which will be made available for project support in the CHNEP Program area. The minimum project funding level requested is $25,000. A formal scope of work for project procurement will be created in late summer 2021, the procurement process will take place in fall 2021, and the project work will begin in winter 2021-early 2022. 

PLEASE NOTE: CHNEP typically serves as ‘Project Manager’ for these Projects and procurement of Contactor to complete work, management of task deliverables and project timeline, and invoice payment will be conducted through CHNEP and fiscal host (City of Punta Gorda). Project partners will work alongside CHNEP as project partner/site manager through project implementation to completion. 


Proposal Deadline:

Proposals must be submitted electronically by 5:00 pm EDT, April 20th, 2021. Please email completed proposals to and contact Nicole Iadevaia, CHNEP Research & Outreach Manager at 941-575-5090 with any questions about the process.


Proposal Guidelines:

CHNEP will fund a research or restoration project that implements Priority Actions found in our Strategic Plan through: Water Quality Improvement, Hydrological Restoration, and Fish, Wildlife & Habitat Protection. The funding will become available beginning October 2021 and must be completed by: March 29th, 2024 (or 28 months from Notice to Proceed NTP.)



Please read instructions prior to downloading and submitting

Project Proposal Form below.


CLICK HERE to Download Project Proposal Form


Site Map for projects or phases that can be completed in the CHNEP program area: See Map

Examples of current projects can be viewed here:

Water Quality Improvement:

Hydrological Restoration:

Fish, Wildlife & Habitat Protection:

Water Quality Improvement Actions:

  • Support a comprehensive and coordinated water quality monitoring and assessment strategy

  • Develop water quality standards, pollutant limits, and cleanup plans

  • Reduce urban stormwater and agricultural runoff pollution

  • Reduce wastewater pollution

  • Reduce harmful algal blooms

Hydrological Restoration Actions:

  • Conduct data collection, modeling, and analyses to support hydrologic restoration

  • Increase fresh surface water and groundwater availability to support healthy ecosystems

  • Protect and restore natural flow regimes

Fish, Wildlife, and Habitat Protection Actions:

  • Protect, restore, and monitor estuarine habitats

  • Protect, restore, and monitor environmentally sensitive lands and waterways including critical habitat areas

  • Assess and promote the benefits of land, waterway, and estuary protection and restoration