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The CHNEP Management Conference Committees

The Coastal & Heartland National Estuary Partnership (CHNEP) is governed by the Management Conference, a partnership of public and private entities working together through structured committees.


The Partnership works to protect water and other natural resources in the CHNEP area by building consensus and undertaking a variety of natural resource protection, restoration and education activities that are based on sound science.

By bringing local, state, and federal government representatives together with public stakeholders and community leaders, collaborations and efficiencies emerge to create bigger environmental benefits and outcomes.

Upcoming Management Conference Dates

4/13/23       Technical Advisory Committee Mtg.

4/26/23      Citizens Advisory Committee Mtg.

5/12/23       Management Committee Mtg.

5/25/23       Policy Committee Mtg.

8/10/23       Technical Advisory Committee Mtg.

8/23/23       Citizens Advisory Committee Mtg.

9/8/23        Management Committee Mtg.

9/21/23       Policy Committee Mtg.

11/30/23      Technical Advisory Committee Mtg.

12/13/23      Citizens Advisory Committee Mtg.

Diagram of governance for CHNEP. The Technical Advisory Committee and Citizens Advisory Committee provides input to the Management Committee. The Management Committee provides input to the Policy Committee which gives input and direct the CHNEP Executive Director and staff.

To learn more about our committees, select one below:

Cover of the CHNEP Policy Review Procedures. Click to open a pdf of the procedures.

The Policy Review Procedures (adopted 5/31/18) outline the process and types of policy issues that the Coastal & Heartland National Estuary Partnership engages in.


The document also describes the CHNEP Committees respective authorities with regards to policy issues, the summary of the history of CHNEP's involvement in policy, as well as the procedures for raising policy issues for consideration by the CHNEP Management Conference (i.e. the four CHNEP committees). 

NOTE: All meetings are open to the public. Information about the meetings is posted on the corresponding Committee page at least a  week in advance of the next meeting date.

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