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Conservation Grants

The CHNEP provides Conservation Grants (up to $4,999) to community organizations for projects that address clean water, wildlife habitat protection and restoration, and outreach priorities in the CHNEP area, as outlined in our Strategic Plan, the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP)

Upcoming award dates remaining for 2023:

  • The next Application Deadline is April 1, 2023 for a May 2023 award notice. 

Applications should be submitted via email to, by 5:00 pm on April 1, 2023. Questions should be directed to Lisa Pedigo, CHNEP Finance & Grants Manager, by emailing or calling (941) 833-6581. Links to the Application and other Supporting Documents and Information can be found below.

We encourage requests for funding in the $500 to $4,999 range. All funding is reimbursement based; no funding will be fronted for the project. Projects should conclude by or before Sept. 15, 2023. Reimbursement for Conservation Grants are based on ‘Deliverables’ or ‘Outcomes’ provided through the project, rather than cost receipts. 

Match is not required, but proposals showing matching fund commitment through in-kind services (such as volunteer hours), or direct funding from other sources will receive special consideration. Preference will also be given to projects in communities that have been historically underserved by CHNEP grants as well as new applicant and projects.

Please read the following restrictions regarding eligibility carefully. The CHNEP does NOT fund:

  • Events or services for which there is an admission fee or charge; CHNEP will consider providing support for scholarships to allow participation by those who would not otherwise be able to attend;

  • Restoration or improvements on private property;

  • Projects that personally benefit the applicant;

  • Political action or legislative advocacy;

  • Fundraising activities;

  • Projects completed prior to the award of the grant;

  • Items that will be sold by the grant recipient;

  • Reprinting of existing material unless part of a larger educational program;

  • Capital improvement or endowment funds, or usual operating costs;

  • Conference registrations and travel;

  • Gift cards or certificates, and;

  • Any activities related to permitting.








Check to see if your project is on the CHNEP 10-county region: See Map

Check to see if your project addresses priorities in the CHNEP Strategic Plan: Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP)

Water Quality Improvement Actions:

  • Support a comprehensive and coordinated water quality monitoring and assessment strategy

  • Develop water quality standards, pollutant limits, and cleanup plans

  • Reduce urban stormwater and agricultural runoff pollution

  • Reduce wastewater pollution

  • Reduce harmful algal blooms

Hydrological Restoration Actions:

  • Conduct data collection, modeling, and analyses to support hydrologic restoration

  • Increase fresh surface water and groundwater availability to support healthy ecosystems

  • Protect and restore natural flow regimes

Fish, Wildlife, and Habitat Protection Actions:

  • Protect, restore, and monitor estuarine habitats

  • Protect, restore, and monitor environmentally sensitive lands and waterways including critical habitat areas

  • Assess and promote the benefits of land, waterway, and estuary protection and restoration

Public Engagement Actions:

  • Provide community volunteers with activities to participate in research, monitoring, and restoration of water and wildlife habitats

  • Engage underserved communities in water quality or habitat protection activities and educational programs.

Previously Funded Grants

Seagrass Adventure Wading Trips

Seagrass Adventure Wading Trips

Grant to provide school bus transportation for 53 second grade public school classes to attend Seagrass Wading Adventures

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