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What We Do and How We Do It:

Protecting Southwest Florida's water and estuarine resources

Power of Partnerships

Pulling together diverse stakeholders is the most powerful and effective to protect our waters. The CHNEP creates a safe environment for dialogue and reaching consensus-based decisions based on sound science. Speaking with a unified voice and set of priorities means more influence and resources for all.

Empowering Citizens

Whether it is providing vital information to policymakers, environmental education to children, or presentations to community groups, CHNEP is in our community working every day to empower citizens to protect water and estuarine resources - the basis of Southwest Florida's quality of life and economy.

Research and Restoration

Our small but mighty team directly undertakes scientific research and restoration to improve water quality, replant seagrasses and create more oysters in our waters. We also provide critical support to our research and restoration partners with field support, financial assistance, grant writing and administration, data analysis, etc.

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