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Take Action to support the proposed

Everglades to Gulf Conservation Area!

Presently, there is a historic opportunity to preserve the most important environmentally sensitive lands in the region. It is the proposed federal "Everglades to Gulf Conservation Area"! This initiative would allow willing landowners of important wildlife habitat and water resource areas to sell easements or their land outright for permanent protection. The program would bring potentially millions if not billions of added dollars to Florida for conservation, and because it is strictly voluntary, it would also provide farmers and ranchers more choices and resources to be able to maintain their working lands. 


But this won't happen without an upwelling of public support! Please send your comments today in support of the proposed Everglades to Gulf Conservation Area to or to mailing address:  NWRS E2G CA, P.O. Box 700188, Wabasso, FL 32970.  Comments accepted only up until November 1, 2023.


For more information:



  • Why you support more land/habitat conservation

  • How you think the Everglades to Gulf Conservation Area (EGCA) Provides Large-scale Economic Benefit

  • How you think the EGCA Supports Rural Farming and Ranching Communities

  • How you think EGCA Supports State, Regional, and Local Conservation Priorities

  • How you think EGCA Protects Water Resources


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