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Native Planting Improves Your Yard

Recently, CHNEP staff hosted a Native Planting Workshop with the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center (CHEC). Jamie Reynolds from the CHEC joined us to share her expertise and educate participants about native planting! Jamie presented about the benefits of planting native plants and showed valuable resources to help add native plants to any yard!

Plants are considered native when they grow naturally in a particular region or ecosystem without being introduced by people. There are many species of plants native to Florida that thrive in our environment and have adapted to grow with very warm temperatures and lower amounts of water. This means native plants are low-maintenance compared to non-native plants. When native plants are used, they require less water and little to no fertilizer which can result in less nutrients running off into waterbodies. Native plants are also crucial for wildlife. They provide necessary habitat for birds and small animals as well as nectar for butterflies and bees. By planting native plants in your yard, you can help restore natural habitat!

Next time you want to spruce up your yard, check out what native plants would work best for your landscape! These plants come with great benefits to the environment and thrive in no time. Some participants even took home some native plants to improve their yard!

To learn more about native planting visit the All Native Garden Center at CHEC or visit their website at!


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