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Bat Houses

We're BATTY about conservation! In October 2019 CHNEP Volunteers built ten finely constructed bat houses to support the conservation of Southwest Florida’s bat species. A special thank you to Shari Blisset-Clark of the Florida Bat Conservancy and her assortment of bats for making this event possible! We enjoyed a fascinating presentation about various bat species and their roles in the ecosystem before meeting several Ambassador Bats. These individuals had been injured and were no longer able to survive in the wild, so now they educate people about their species. Visit this website for information about injured bats,, and Florida Fish and Wildlife at for information on other injured animals.

The bat houses built during this event will be placed on public lands by Cape Coral High School Global Studies Club, Friends of Stump Pass Beach State Park, and the Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast. The ‘Bat Home Owner’s Association’ is incredibly picky: they require a specific type of wood, brand of paint, and amount of sunshine for their roosts. We’re grateful to have such engaged volunteers to create such lovely homes for our local bats!


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