CHNEP Management Committee

The Management Committee provides strong institutional support for the CHNEP by staffing, funding, and otherwise facilitating projects. Its members represent a variety or public agencies and private organizational leaders.

This committee reviews work plans, budgets and project lists - ensuring milestones and objectives are achieved. They are also responsible for considering input from the CHNEP Technical and Citizens Advisory Committee and forming recommendations to advise the CHNEP Policy Committee, our governing board entity.

The next Management Committee Meeting is September 9, 2022, with information regarding it available below.

Upcoming Management Committee Meetings:

  • September 9, 2022

  • January 13, 2023

Management Committee ByLaws

May 13, 2022 Management Committee Meeting Information

Agenda Packet

Agenda Item Attachments:

Item 4.     Draft January 14, 2021 Management Committee Minutes

Item 9.     Draft CHNEP FY2022 Amended Work Plan & Budget

               Draft CHNEP FY2023 Work Plan & Budget

Item 12.    Blue-green Algae Task Force DRAFT Consensus Document #1

Management Committee May 13th Presentations

An Overview of Blue-Green Algae (Cyanobacteria) Research Updates – Dr. Barry Rosen, The Water School and the Department of Ecology & Environmental Studies at Florida Gulf Coast University

Blue-Green Algae Task Force Recommendations Response– Dr. Mike Parsons, Director of the FGCU Water School and appointed member of the state Blue-Green Algae Task Force,

Funding Resources for Combatting Harmful Algae – Mr. Ed Smith, Director of Water Policy and Ecosystems Restoration for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection,

Algae As An Indicator of Nutrient Pollution in the Tidal Caloosahatchee – Dr. James Douglass, Florida Gulf Coast University’s Marine & Earth Sciences Department

NOTE: All meetings are open to the public. Information about the meetings is posted on the corresponding Committee page at least a week in advance of the next meeting date.