CHNEP Management Committee

The Management Committee provides strong institutional support for the CHNEP by staffing, funding, and otherwise facilitating projects.

This committee reviews work plans, contract proposals, work schedules and projects - ensuring milestones and objectives are achieved. Its members represent a variety or public agencies and private organizational leaders.

The last Management Committee meeting was held as a virtual meeting on Friday May 14, 2021 and more information regarding it is  available below.


The next meeting will be held on September 10, 2021. 

Upcoming Management Committee Meetings:

  • September 10, 2021

  • January 14, 2022

Management Committee ByLaws

May 14, 2021 Management Committee Meeting Information

Agenda Packet

Agenda Item Attachments:

Item 4.     January 15, 2021 Draft Management Committee Minutes

Item 10a.  Draft CHNEP Amended FY21 Workplan

Item 10b.  Draft CHNEP FY22 Workplan

Management Committee May 14th Presentations

Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 3.14.30 PM.png

Advanced Wastewater Treatment in Tampa Bay - Jeffry Greenwell, Hillsborough County Public Utilities

Reducing Septic Tank Pollution - Dr. Brian Lapointe, Florida Atlantic University's Harbor Branch

Irrigation with Reclaimed Water in an Urban Watershed - Anamarie Rivera, Pinellas County Environmental Management

Note: If you are seeking information from prior committee meetings, please contact the CHNEP office.

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