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Water Quality Status Fact Sheets

CHNEP Water Atlas

The Coastal & Heartland National Estuary Partnership (CHNEP) conducts water quality monitoring and gathers water quality data from a variety of partners to input into a public Water Atlas database. This database not only provides a readily accessible way to find local sampling results, but also provides water quality and clarity trend information.

In addition to the Water Atlas, the CHNEP is now creating periodic Water Quality Status Fact Sheets - easy-to-understand snapshots of nutrient and bacteria levels (two of the most prevalent types of pollution) in each of the basins in the CHNEP study area.  They also include an updated lists of waterbodies that are currently not meeting water quality standards. 

Click on the Basin Name below to download the latest Surface Water Quality Fact Sheet

Aerial map of the basins with the CHNEP area

Dona and

Roberts Bays


Pine Island

Sound Basin

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