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South Lee County Watershed Initiative (SLCWI):

Coming together to protect and restore the water resources in South Lee County

Aerial map of South Lee County

The CHNEP has been asked by our partners to assist facilitation of an effort to coordinate a regional water resource modeling and planning initiative for South Lee County. 


The objective is to “get the water right” – identifying what needs to happen to restore and maintain our water supply, flood protection, water quality and water-dependent resources in the face of existing degradation and depletion, sea level rise and continued regional growth.

Background and supporting documents and presentations can be reviewed by clicking on the links below.  Please join us on this important effort.

SLCWI Hydrological Model Project and Planning Tool

Final Report

Appendix A: Gather Existing Data & Models Technical Memo

Appendix B: Field Verifications Technical Memo

Appendix C: Field Investigations Technical Memo

Appendix D: Vegetation Coverage Technical Memo

Appendix E: Irrigation Data Technical Memo

Appendix F: Time Series Update Technical Memo

Appendix G: Preliminary Model Performance Technical Memo

Appendix H: Model Calibration Technical Memo

Appendix I: Natural Systems Model Technical Memo

Appendix J: Future Conditions Scenario Technical Memo

Draft Report

Response to Comments


Archived SLCWI Meeting Agenda and Notes

June 21st Meeting Agenda

June 21st Meeting Notes

June 21st Sign-In Sheet

June 21st Overview and Funding Opportunities Presentation

June 21st City of Bonita Springs Flood Reduction Project Presentation

June 21st Village of Estero Stormwater Master Plan Presentation

June 21st Audubon Willows Hydrology Presentation

June 21st - SLCWI Funding Proposal to the SFWMD

January 10th Meeting Agenda

January 10th SLCWI Meeting Notes

January 10th Lee County High Water Mark Survey Report

January 10th High Water Marks in Estero Watershed

January 10th City of Bonita Springs Flood Reduction Plan

January 10th SLCWI Public/Private Partnerships

July 27th SLCWI Working Group Notes

July 27th SLCWI Working Group Presentation

June 22nd SLCWI Meeting Notes

June 22nd SLCWI Presentation

May 30th SLCWI Meeting Notes

May 30th SLCWI Presentations

April 6th SLCWI Meeting Notes

April 6th SLCWI Meeting Presentations

March 2nd SLCWI Modeling Team Presentation

March 2nd SLCWI Modeling Team Notes

Southwest Florida Comprehensive Watershed Master Plan / SWFFS Project List

Description of SWFFS Corkscrew Watershed Projects

Description of SWFFS Estero Watershed Projects

Proposed Developments in DRGR

SFWMD List of Completed Water Projects in South Lee County

South Lee County Watershed Plan Update Study Recommendations and which Recommendations SFWMD has documented were completed

Bonita Springs' Ecological Study of DRGR Presentation

Southwest Florida Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan (formerly SWFFS)

SLCWI video.png
SLCWI Brochure (1).png

Project Brochure

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