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July: Florida Sea Grant "Eyes on Seagrass" Citizen Science Surveys

Are you concerned about the health of Charlotte Harbor seagrass? Are you worried that seaweed abundance has changed in recent years? Here’s an opportunity to help scientists gather data aimed at evaluating these important questions.

If you would like to participate, contact Forest Hecker the Charlotte County Program Assistant at You can also view their training videos at Charlotte County Florida Sea Grant - YouTube.

WHAT: Eyes on Seagrass Survey

WHEN: July 10 to July 23 

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Do you want to get hands-on experience outside? Are you interested in helping study Horseshoe Crabs in Charlotte County? Here is an exciting opportunity to get outside and participate in citizen science!

Join CHNEP for a training event to learn how you can work with biologists in collecting vital scientific data about horseshoe crab populations and nesting behavior!


​The Florida Horseshoe Crab Watch citizen science program is strong and growing rapidly statewide. You will learn how to conduct surveys, collect scientific information, and tag horseshoe crabs for a nation-wide mark recapture study.

WHAT: FL Horseshoe Crab Watch Training

WHEN: August 21st at 9:30 am

WHERE: Punta Gorda City Hall, 326 W. Marion Ave, Punta Gorda, FL 33950



Plastic waste from single use containers is a huge issue facing our environment... 90% of the trash floating in our oceans is made from plastic. These last few months we have found ourselves using it more than ever. In the water, plastic waste breaks apart into small toxic pieces called microplastics. CLICK HERE to learn more about how CHNEP helps monitor microplastics in our area. 


The good news is, we all can be a part of the solution! You can do your own litter cleanup while taking a walk around your neighborhood or local park. Trash on the ground during our summer rainy season will likely be washed into our waterways in the next storm. You can also contribute to the global citizen science effort tracking litter and marine debris.

Download the app here:


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