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 Many citizens are asking what they can do to get involved in a positive way. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, CHNEP offered free monthly volunteer events for citizens to give back with activities that protect our area’s waterways and wildlife. We conducted several of these events at the start of the year, including a Trash Tackle at Ponce de Leon park, as well as tabling at outreach events such as the Swamp Cabbage Festival, the Chalo Nitka Festival, and the Pelican Landing EcoFair. With the COVID crisis continuing, our in-person volunteer events continue to be on hold. Until we are able to restart them, we will be sending notices to those signed up on our CHNEP Volunteer mailing list with information on how they can help monitor water quality, measure seagrass growth and other natural resource protection activities that can be done safely and independently. We have also posted some opportunities below! We hope you stay safe and healthy during this time. 















The Florida Horseshoe Crab Watch citizen science program is strong and growing rapidly statewide. CHNEP has been happy to host training workshops for this program in the past, and help in other various aspects. Unfortunately, many training workshops this spring were postponed or cancelled due to precautions related to COVID-19. But, there is now a virtual option available! The training is free and open now for registration. All you need is a stable internet connection and an email address.

MORE INFO HERE: http://blogs.ifas.ufl.edu/ncbs/2020/05/06/virtual-training-for-florida-horseshoe-crab-watch-now-live/

Volunteer Coordinator(s) sought for Horseshoe Crab Monitoring in Manatee, Charlotte, and Lee County.


Volunteer Coordinator(s) responsibilities:

(training and assistance will be provided)


  • Using tide charts and moon phases, create a schedule to monitor for horseshoe crabs spawning events

  • Prepare datasheets and sampling kits

  • Recruit and manage volunteer citizen scientists

  • Lead survey walks, oversee tagging, and educate others about the program

  • Enter data in a timely fashion


Contact outreach@chnep.org and Berlynna Heres at Berlynna.Heres@myfwc.com for more information.



Plastic waste from single use containers is a huge issue facing our environment... 90% of the trash floating in our oceans is made from plastic. These last few months we have found ourselves using it more than ever. In the water, plastic waste breaks apart into small toxic pieces called microplastics. CLICK HERE to learn more about how CHNEP helps monitor microplastics in our area. 


The good news is, we all can be a part of the solution! You can do your own litter cleanup while taking a walk around your neighborhood or local park. Trash on the ground during our summer rainy season will likely be washed into our waterways in the next storm. You can also contribute to the global citizen science effort tracking litter and marine debris.

Download the app here: http://marinedebris.engr.uga.edu/tracking/


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