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Resiliency Project Funding

Grant Overview

The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (FDEO) is overseeing the distribution of federal funds through Community Development Block Grant - Mitigation funding (CDBG-MIT) aimed to enhance community resiliency in being able to better withstanding the potential impacts of future storms (ex. Flooding, Stormwater/Wastewater Failures, etc. associated with excessive rainfall from hurricanes).

The Coastal & Heartland National Estuary Partnership (CHNEP) has participated in webinars and recently had an individual technical meeting with FDEO to better understand what types of potential projects might be eligible and highly ranked in the evaluation process. We learned that FDEO funds large-scale projects including their land acquisition, design, permitting and engineering, as well as construction. Funding that covers land acquisition associated with projects is unique. Please let CHNEP know if you have an eligible project idea, so we can lend our support.

Grant Application and Timeline

Unfortunately, the application deadline for Round II is fast approaching (Sept. 17th), but there is a future round - so now is the time to start developing project proposal concepts for Round III. Round II is aimed at projects at least $2 million dollars in cost (information is at Round III commences in 2022 with $150 million in funding, plus all remaining unobligated funds being available for allocation.


Funded Project Examples


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