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Learn More about Our Waters

The CHNEP is comprised of Congressionally designated "estuaries of national significance" and their watershed (the lakes, rivers, and land mass that drains into those estuaries). Some of these watersheds are broken into smaller basins.

CHNEP map of 8 basins including Dona & Roberts Bays, Lemon Bay, Myakka River, Peace River, Charlotte Harbor, Caloosahatchee River, Pine Island Sound, and Estero Bay.

This map illustrates the 8 basins the CHNEP serves:

  • Dona & Roberts Bays

  • Lemon Bay

  • Myakka River

  • Peace River

  • Charlotte Harbor

  • Caloosahatchee River

  • Pine Island Sound 

  • Estero Bay

Looking at each of the basin webpages, you will find a basin map with customized CHNEP fact sheets and links to other resources about the natural resources in that basin.  

The CHNEP is also presently developing interactive maps on the CHNEP Water Atlas that will organize all publicly accessible water quality, hydrology, aquatic and terrestrial wildlife habitat and climate change data for our region by basin and by waterbody. This will allow citizens, policymakers, and resource managers to better access and utilize scientific information for the protection and restoration of natural resources in the CHNEP area.

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