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CHNEP Legislative Funding Update

Federal funding:

The Coastal & Heartland National Estuary Partnership (CHNEP) has traditionally received annual appropriations of approximately $600,000 a year from the US EPA (under Section 320 of the Clean Water Act). However, the current President's and EPA's Budget (see page 339 shown here ) does not have any funding allotted for the National Estuary Program.


The House (pg 58) and Senate Interior Appropriations Committees have proposed continued full funding. The Association of National Estuary Programs is asking Congressmen to sign on to a letter supporting funding:

EPA FY2019 Budget
House Committee Report excerpt about water ecosystems

House Cmtee Rpt. excerpt

house ltr pic.PNG

We are still awaiting a federal budget for FY19 to see what, if any federal funding, will ultimately be appropriated for the National Estuary Program.  If you are interested in helping communicate the continued important of funding for the National Estuary Programs, you can contact us at / #941-575-3392, or the Association of National Estuary Program Lobbyist: Rich Innes at

State legislative funding:

The CHNEP has traditionally received state funding from the Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection and the Southwest Florida Water Management District, but not dedicated recurring legislative appropriations necessary to efficiently carry out multi-year restoration projects. The four Florida NEPs are seeking establishment of a state Estuary Fund to rectify this. 

We also stand ready and able to advance Governor DeSantis' environmental agenda, and have sent a letter outlining some of the ways CHNEP can help.

Florida Estuaries Alliance diagram

If you are interested in helping communicate the need to include the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program in bills that would appropriate recurring state funding for the Program, please contact us at / #941-575-3392.

Thank you for your support in protecting and restoring our water resources and natural environment.

Note: No state or federal dollars are used for staff time or resources associated with the CHNEP's advocacy efforts including advocating for programmatic funding.

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