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CHNEP's 2021 Federal and State Legislative Priorities

The Coastal & Heartland National Estuary Partnership, which includes 10 counties and 27 cities in Central and Southwest Florida, as well as state and federal govt. agencies, have the following collective federal and state legislative priorities for 2021 (please see fact sheets above for more detailed information):


  • Reauthorization of the National Estuary Program 

  • Continued National Estuary Program funding under current authorization

  • Competitive Grant funding under current authorization

  • Estuary Caucus Membership Expansion


  • Continue and expand annual funding for the Coastal & Heartland National Estuary Program, including recurrent dedicated funding.

  • Create or strengthen nutrient and pollution reduction policies to reduce loads from wastewater, septic, agricultural runoff, reclaimed water, stormwater, fertilizer and internal “legacy loads”.

  • Expand funding for innovative technology pilot projects, including technologies to address harmful algae blooms – especially those that promote natural system solutions.

  • Establish a statewide, long-term funding program through the Florida Department of Environmental Protection with sufficient funds for competitive, local cost-share projects for estuary restoration

  • Support increased funding of Florida Forever and Florida Rural and Family Lands programs.

  • Support of local governments’ continued ability to enact more stringent environmental protection ordinances.

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