CHNEP's 2018 Accomplishments

The Coastal & Heartland National Estuary Partnership achieved numerous research, restoration, environmental education and outreach, and partner coordination and support accomplishments in 2018. Below are the highlights:


  • conducted Charlotte Harbor water quality monitoring, Annual WQ Audit, & Annual Meeting 

  • created Annual Surface Water Quality Status Fact Sheets

  • assisted in quarterly volunteer oyster habitat monitoring

  • funded Water Atlas website to disseminate all publicly available water quality collected in area

  • organized special topic science forums and meetings

  • conducted microplastic research

  • wrote 12 Letters of support for partner research grants

  • finalized CCMP Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment (CCVA) for the region

  • co-authored two scientific journal articles 


  • created four educational magazines (Harbor Happenings) on native wildlife, habitat protection, resiliency, watershed restoration, as well as an annual calendar featuring native species and natural resources from our region

  • organized and hosted an annual Nature Festival that drew 1,500 participants to learn about the environment and area organizations who work to protect and restore it

  • participated in numerous festivals, public conferences and meetings and other events where CHNEP staff were presenters 

  • organized and hosted monthly volunteer events that included both educational presentations and activities for the public to engage in clean-ups, research, and restoration activities


  • conducted workshops to educate homeowners how to reduce stormwater pollution ("WETPLAN")

  • supported the Charlotte Harbor Flatwoods and LeHigh Headwaters Initiatives for hydrological restoration, as well as led the South Lee County Watershed Initiative 

  • implemented a seagrass restoration to restore the lost seagrass seed sources in the tidal Caloosahatchee 

  • assisted in the design of a new living shoreline at the mouth of the Peace River

  • continued implementation of Habitat Resiliency and Restoration Needs projects, which will identify future habitat protection and restoration needs in response to changing conditions 


  • provided 4 public outreach grants and 19 microgrants to fund partner organizations to undertake environmental education, research and restoration activities throughout the CHNEP area

  • organized and hosted 3 technical advisory, 3 citizen advisory, 3 management and 3 policy committee meetings complete with presentations and supporting materials to convene and provide support for stakeholders to share information on efforts to protect and restore natural resources in the region

  • compiled regional restoration activities report for Congress, highlighting CHNEP and its partners successful leveraging of limited federal funding to achieve large-scale restoration

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